The wisdom you seek is right inside you

As a Temple of Ara Elder and High Priestess for nearly six years, and having trained two circles, lead an outercourt program for a year, created an open holiday circle program online and in person, as well as conducted workshops here and in Rome, I have had the opportunity to interact with a large number of “seekers”, people looking to reclaim their lost souls through spiritual practices. Because Ara is a Wiccan congregation, naturally all of these seekers I have encountered have sought the Wiccan path.

In talking with these seekers year in and year out, I discovered and continually rediscover (and really this is no secret) that so many of us still feel completely lost on how to connect to our spirit.  We attend countless seminars and workshops, read endless number of books then get home and scratch our heads, wondering how to practice the spirituality we’ve just “studied”, or we bemoan the fact that the workshop was all theory and not practical.

At this point in my journey, my meanderings have given me two recommendations:  Just Do It … and Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. 

I cannot speak for other spiritual traditions but I do know that Wicca, in particular, tends to attract “reformed” Christians who are still stuck in dogma, people who have spent most of their lives being told what to do and that if you don’t do it a certain way, you’ll burn for it. Being a reformed Christian myself, I understand those early stages, of knowing that there is more to one’s spirituality than being told Thou Shall Not Kill, but at the same time being overwhelmed by freedom – that “I don’t know where I’m going” feeling you get when you break the constraints of tunnel vision. And that’s more than likely why people continue to need structure.

But to connect to spirit is much simpler than you think. You don’t need to get weighed down by all of the props, the athames, the incense, the altar decorations. Props are lovely but not necessary. You don’t need to follow a rule book or have someone dictate your actions to you. All you need is your sweet self and the love you hold in your heart.

Too simplistic for you? Still looking for a jump-off point? Here’s an assignment for you for the next three days:  for every encounter you have during your days, whether it be with an animal, mineral, metal, vegetable, or even human, wish it well. You see that white minvan? Send blessings to it and to its occupants. See that squirrel running across your yard? Send it blessings. See that woman with the screaming children on your train? Send them blessings. In fact, send blessings to every single person on that train. And so on, throughout your day.

Now THAT my friends is Simple Practical Magic. I dare you to try this ~ and feel free to comment back here on what you’ve experienced.

…. More to come on how to create powerful (yet simple!) magic in your life. Many Blessings to you! Namaste!

My first post as a blogger... Welcome to the world of energy healing

Powered by a Level II Reiki healer, and HPs with the Temple of Ara. Here I will start expressing my thoughts surrounding interconnectedness, mindfulness, the art of ritual, communing and co-creating with the Sacred that dwells within and without. I will also use this blog to post events that I think are worth exploring.

We're on the verge of a new spiritual paradigm. Thanks for joining the party.
Many blessings!