How to use the energy of 11/11/11: pursue your wildest dreams

So now the energy of last Friday’s “Elevens” has been unlocked. How did you use the energy of the day? Do you feel any different? How are you carrying the magic of the day with you into the future?

Since the day was heralded as a new beginning (echoes of Aurora there!), I set aside 15 minutes surrounding the precise time of 11:11pm to do some work in the spiritual realm (and invited some of my students to join me there). I decided to ask the universe what I needed to know regarding moving forward. I am at the beginning of my journey, with the launch of my transformational coaching business (AuroraSana) but I feel like the clock is ticking. I often wrestle with anxiety that things are not happening fast enough. The classic push/pull of the intuition suggesting that everything takes time to “cook” properly, and the conscious mind wanting “action” and “doing” now now now.

Exhausting! I want to get to a place of FLOW – where the center is a still point that brings everything into balance.

How do I get there?

I love the tarot as a tool for insight but the energy of the day inspired me to try something different, so I pulled a Rune and got Raidho – pronounced “Ride-ho” – which literally means “Ride” or “Wagon”. (A horse reference no doubt! How appropriate.) According to various interpretations, Raidho is “the rune of ordered movement of energies in time and space as it pertains to human awareness.” Representing one’s deepest personal life journey, Raidho encourages us to “recognize the direction in which your daily life pulls you, for there is a compass within you that can be tapped into using the energy of this rune.” Following your interests and your love, your grandest wishes and dreams, is the best way to use this Raidho inner compass. Am I following my interests, my burning passions and my deepest dreams, you betcha. I am making sure that on a daily basis I meditate, I write my comic book & study how to become a better writer, help animals with Reiki, do yoga, expand my skills and knowledge as a coach, and investigate something new surrounding my spiritual quest. Obviously these things mean a lot to me.

Further exploration of the rune revealed that to use the energy of Raidho is to enter the present; and to enter the present is to journey away from needless anxieties as well as to release oneself from the past, which can act as burden and drag us down. The journey into the present moment is about mindfulness, whether in meditation or driving to the store, and is always accessible to us. “Because of its capacity to bring focus and awareness to the present, Raidho will expose hidden dangers along the path, so that no strange place or new circumstance can sneak up on us during our travels.”

I’m encouraged to know that the path I’ve chosen is bringing me into this moment. It’s always gratifying to hear  words of affirmation and acknowledgement from the universe. Heaven knows, once you step off the well-worn track of what is familiar, and you are not sure you know or can see where you’re going, you must rely upon your inner guide. 

Blazing new trails in your life is not easy – but it certainly the foundation of creating happiness.

Happy trails!

** Rune source:   runesecrets dot com

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