A practice emerges...

For a long time, I have been staring at the different threads of my life as well as my seemingly disparate interests:  an interest in helping people heal mind/body/spirit, a profound interest in the welfare of animals, an interest in exporing spiritual concepts that lead to healing -- plus tools and actions (i.e., tarot and guided visualization) that can be used to help people access their higher Selves, Spirit Guides, or their God Consciousness. I really had no idea how to weave these interests together but always knew that they were propelling my life.

The solution hit me not too long ago. I recently enrolled in the Coaching for Transformation program offered by the Open Center in New York City, through which I am preparing for accreditation with the International Coach Federation. As I have been studying the techniques of transformational coaching, it dawned on me (yes! DAWN!) that I can easily combine these threads into a service that can help people step into their own power. And hence, AuroraSana was born:  http://www.facebook.com/AuroraSana.HealingandTransformation .

Join me on Facebook, where we can continue the conversation.

And what does AuroraSana mean? I'll explain the name in the next post .. but part of the inspiration is hinted at in the photo here. 

Meanwhile, wishing you a magical day!

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