Oliver the cat with nine lives – a follow up Reiki visit

One of the driving reasons why I launched AuroraSana was not only did I want to help people align themselves with their Higher Selves, but, I wanted to help heal animals holistically. Working with animals through Reiki is a blessing beyond compare ~ I’ve been getting amazing results.

Take, for instance, Oliver, a white Persian who had fallen from a window ledge and plummeted about 10 stories on to a balcony where his soon-to-be new mom was sitting. A potted plant cushioned his landing thus he luckily only suffered a dislocated femur (as diagnosed by the vet). 

Oliver the miracle cat.

I came in to do a free demo session for both the mom and the cat, who was mobile but limping. The other day, I received an email from Oliver’s mom, who said that, within a week of my Reiki session with them, the cat was walking perfectly normally, no sign of a limp at all. He had also started to leap around, which he had not been able to do.

Oliver’s mom was absolutely thrilled with the results, and she also had benefited from the Reiki ~ her bursitis had stopped hurting her.

However, things recently changed for the two of them, when Oliver’s former owners paid him a visit. Perhaps the chaos of the visit, or perhaps Oliver’s fear of being returned to his former owner, caused a transformation ~ it’s not exactly clear to me ~ but the end result was that Oliver began to exhibit dominance behavior: yowling at his mom, scratching, and biting. His mom was heartbroken and felt like she had lost a friend. On top of that, her bursitis pain returned.

I visited them both for a Reiki session, first spending about 45 minutes with the mom, and then about 30 minutes with the cat and the mom, to balance their energies and release any toxins that may have built up from the stress of their situations. Oliver made it clear that he felt great, and really enjoyed the Reiki healing, purring and stretching and rolling around. Afterward, though, he made a demonstration of his dominance behavior and seemed to be downright angry with his mom.

I am not a cat trainer so I didn’t offer any advice, except that we did talk about ways in which the mom could potentially break the cycle. Later that night, I got another email from the mom, who said that he quieted down a lot afterward … I’m scheduled to go back for three more sessions so I am very curious to know how Oliver will react.

More to come on Oliver!

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